Debt and Deliverance

Join in the TV-contest; Debt and Deliverance! Two teams compete in challenges that will test their bodies and their wits. As a winner, all debts will be paid and you can start anew. As a loser you will bear the debts of the winners but you will also get generous offers from our sponsors for lifetime employment. So, really, even as a loser you also win a chance for a secure future. Don’t hesitate, apply now for a spot in the show. You have everything to win in Debt and Deliverance!

Debt and Deliverance is a black-box larp set in the same world as Last Will. The scenario takes place in a near and possible future. A future where the social inequalities run wide and deep, a future where financial wealth and debt is inherited. This is also a future where a lifetime employment is just a nicer word for slavery. For some this is a tempting option, for others, the only one. The larp is played out behind the scenes and in-between the challenges in which two teams compete in this TV-show. Forced by contract to be open and honest about what they are feeling the contestants are closely watched and questioned as their fate is set.