Last Will

Last Will was a larp run twice in Stockholm, Sweden. First run took place August 15–17, 2014 and the second run January 1–4, 2015. The larp was written and produced by Annica Strand, Frida Gamero and Sofia Stenler.

Last Will is a larp on the fading human dignity in a world run by money and consumption in which people can be bought and sold as commodities. The larp is set in a future where debt and poverty breeds slavery and slavery perpetuate the poverty. Last Will revolves around hope in a hopeless situation where the desire to create a future battle with constant fighting against fear and hunger. In a time when freedom every day is weighed against security and survival the question echoes – What is my value?

We wanted to create this larp to look at modern slavery through the lens of a fictional future. We can not claim to give a true portrait of a sweatshop in China or a mine in Africa, but by taking bits and pieces from different places and putting them together in Jericho, we can give our participants a feel for what life is like when agency has been taken from you, and what it does to you when you feel that you have no value. And what it makes you do to other people. We hope that experiencing something with your whole body will make you take something home from it.

After the larp a manual was made with all the materials written for the event, making it possible for others to remake Last Will. Here you can download the Last Will Larp Manuscript. It is an interactive PDF that includes links to all available material.